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Andrew Golota Net Worth – How Much Is Andrew Golota Worth?

Golota earned a bronze medal at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, and turned professional in 1992. He won his first 28 professional fights, before losing his first high profile bout on July 11, 1996, to Riddick Bowe. In that fight, Bowe had been a three-time world heavyweight champion.

At the time of his loss to Bowe, Golota was considered a potential heavyweight title challenger and the WBC number one contender. Prior to that fight, he accumulated 111 wins as an amateur boxer. He became known for his big knockout power, especially in the first round. On October 4th, 1997, Golota received a shot at the world championship against Lennox Lewis in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was knocked out in the first round of the battle.

In the months leading up to his fight against Lewis, Golota was involved in several legal scuffles. He was arrested twice, once in Chicago for flashing an honorary police badge while driving and once in New Jersey for impersonating a law enforcement officer. He also pleaded guilty to possession of illegally obtained weapons in Cook County and Will County.

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As a result, the U.S. government filed a deportation case against Golota, who was born in Poland and claimed citizenship in the United States. Golota’s wife, Mariola, an attorney and a US citizen, claims her husband is being treated harshly because of his celebrity status. She claims Golota’s deportation case is “this big black cloud hanging over our family.”

In addition to his boxing career, Golota has starred in a few television shows and films. He has also participated in the Polish version of Dancing with the Stars. He is currently married to Mariola Golota and has 2 children.

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Andrew Golota is a famous boxer who has a net worth of $5 Million. He was born on January 5, 1968 in Warsaw, Poland and is a heavyweight fighter. He started his career by winning his first 28 professional matches, but lost his first high-profile fight on July 11, 1996 to heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe. In this fight, he dropped Bowe with a blatant low punch, directly to his testes, and was disqualified, causing a dramatic riot in the Madison Square Garden. In his last ten fights, he dominated the competition with a series of knockout victories. Moreover, his other notable victories include the KO of Bobby Crabtree and a ten-round win over Darnell Nicholson. He has also won the National Polish Boxing Championships. He is a popular celebrity among the people of Poland. He is also a well-known singer in his country. He is also a philanthropist and supports various charitable causes in his spare time. He has a great love for his country and always wants to contribute to its development.

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