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Barry Hankerson Net Worth

Barry Hankerson has made a lasting impact on the music industry as he manages and produces for some of the greatest R&B singers of all time. He has worked with the likes of Aaliyah, The Winans, and Toni Braxton. His dedication to keeping Aaliyah’s legacy alive has made him a staple in the music scene and an inspiration for future generations of artists. He owns the masters and catalog of Aaliyah’s music and also co-founded her label Blackground Records.

Hankerson founded Blackground in 1993, after unsuccessful efforts to sign his niece Aaliyah to a major record label. He helped her develop her style and sound, bringing in R. Kelly as her mentor. Hankerson was the lead manager for Aaliyah until 1995 when her father Michael Haughton took over. After her death in 2001, Hankerson continued to work with the family and kept her music catalog and the label up and running.

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Aaliyah’s discography consists of 26 singles and nine soundtrack albums. Her most popular songs include If Only, One in a Million, and Aaliyah. She was a popular performer who was a rising star in the music world before her tragic death in a plane crash in 2001. Her music is still a popular choice for today’s listeners and has sold millions of copies.

The late Aaliyah’s uncle, Barry Hankerson, owns her music catalogue and the Blackground label she was signed to. He has recently been releasing Aaliyah’s music on streaming services in order to keep her legacy alive. His efforts have been met with backlash from Aaliyah’s estate who claim that he is attempting to profit from the release of her music without their permission.

Despite the controversy surrounding Hankerson’s efforts, his dedication to keeping Aaliyah’s legacy is evident. His commitment to preserving her music is a testament to his dedication and talent as an artist and producer. Hankerson has remained close to Aaliyah’s family, including her brother and mother.

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The Lifetime original movie Aalyiah: The Princess of R&B aired in November 2014 and starred actor Lyriq Bent as Hankerson. The film explores the relationship between Hankerson and Aaliyah. The two were extremely close and Hankerson was responsible for launching her career. Hankerson and Aaliyah were in a romantic relationship until Aaliyah’s death in a plane crash in 2001. The film is an important part of Aaliyah’s history and is a great way to remember her music. The film has been critically acclaimed and has received high ratings from viewers. It has a rating of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is a must-see for all Aaliyah fans. It is a moving portrayal of Aaliyah’s life and her untimely death.

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