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Biniyam Shibre Net Worth

While Biniyam Shibre rose to fame on the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiance, he also has several other ways to make money. He has a number of skills and talents that he has used to establish successful careers in Ethiopia, including MMA fighting. He has also made a name for himself as a performer, dancer, choreographer, and gymnast. In addition, he has started a clothing brand and a gym.

Shibre has a son with his ex-wife who he adores dearly. However, it seems like their relationship is not great as he hasn’t been able to see his son in a while. He has taken to IG and vowed never to forget his child.

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Despite their problems, the pair have been working hard towards building a better future. They are currently residing in New Jersey and are living in an apartment that her parents got for them. They have a baby boy named Aviel.

Ariela Weinberg Net Worth

While the couple are no longer together, they have been able to create an impressive amount of wealth for themselves. They have a healthy amount of savings and are constantly looking for ways to invest their money. The two have also made appearances on other reality shows and have managed to gain a lot of recognition.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

In 2019, the pair was cast on the spin-off, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and was able to find their feet in the world of reality TV. They have been able to build a solid fan base thanks to the success of their show. While they’ve struggled with cultural differences and financial struggles, they have been able to build a strong bond.

The two have a healthy relationship and have been working towards building a better future for their family. During the season 2 finale, Biniyam proposed to his fiancee on Timkat, an important Ethiopian holiday for Christians. Fortunately, she agreed to allow him to baptize their son Aviel in the Christian faith.

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The reality star is known to be very passionate about his culture and often posts pictures of traditional events and festivals. In addition to this, he is also a well-known martial arts competitor and has a very promising career ahead of him. He is set to compete in the upcoming 2020 Pan-African Games. In addition to this, he is involved in various social work and charity projects and is doing his best to help the community. This has made him very popular among the public and his fans. In addition to this, he has also done many guest appearances on different television shows and is a renowned model as well. As a result of his extensive media exposure, his net worth is expected to skyrocket in the near future. However, the exact figure is still under wraps. He will continue to work on his martial arts career and will try his best to keep the money rolling in.

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