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Cindy Morgan Net Worth

Cindy Morgan Net Worth is known for her role as Lora/Yori in the movie Tron and Lacey Underall in Caddyshack. She has also appeared in many television series such as Falcon Crest, Matlock, and Bring ‘Em Back Alive. In addition to acting, Morgan is an active philanthropist who supports charitable causes that benefit the United States military.

In 1978, Morgan moved to Los Angeles and took a job as an Irish Spring girl in commercials while studying acting. She made her first film appearance in the 1979 movie Up Yours as Elaine. The success of this movie helped her get more roles, and she became a recognizable face in the industry. She has since starred in over a dozen movies and TV shows including the movie Tron, the miniseries Galaxies, Amanda & The Alien, and more.

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Morgan’s most famous roles include Lacey Underall in the 1980 comedy movie Caddyshack and Yori in Disney’s movie TRON. Her performances in these films received critical acclaim and were widely popular worldwide. Her portrayal of Yori in TRON made her an important part of the science fiction genre and established her as an actress of the future.

The American actress Cindy Morgan was born Cynthia Ann Cichorski on September 29, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in a Catholic household and survived 12 years of Catholic school. After graduating from Northern Illinois University, she began her career in radio and deejayed on a local station in Rockford. She later returned to Chicago and worked at WSDM until she quit on air during a labor dispute, walking off the stage with the record still spinning on the turntable. After that, she went to work for Fiat automobiles and then moved to Los Angeles where she became a model in ads and attended acting classes.

She is a talented singer and has released several albums that have sold well. She also has an impressive collection of cars that she has acquired over the years. In addition to this, Morgan has invested in real estate properties and owns a home in Beverly Hills.

Besides acting, Morgan has an interest in painting and writing. She advises aspiring artists and actors to stay true to themselves and keep working hard. She also believes that a good education is the most important thing to have for a successful career.

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In terms of her personal life, Morgan has been in a few relationships but is currently single. She has one daughter named Spencer Margaret. In the past, she was married to American actor Glen Morgan but divorced him in 1984. She has been spotted with Townes Van Zandt and Scott Colomby but is currently single. In her free time, Morgan likes to play golf and enjoys traveling. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is a great cook and loves to try new recipes. She has a great sense of humor and is very witty in her conversations.

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