Is the ClassDojo App Right For Your Child?

The ClassDojo app is an educational technology company that connects primary school teachers, students, and families. It provides communication features such as a photo feed of the school day, messaging, and more in over 35 languages. The app helps teachers track and reward good behavior, and parents can keep up with their child’s progress. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this app for your child. If you’re a parent, you may be wondering if it is right for your child.

ClassDojo rewards positive behavior

Class Dojo is an online classroom behavior management system that encourages and rewards positive classroom behaviors. The platform keeps parents and teachers informed about student behavior, provides a means for communication, and encourages a positive classroom culture. Teachers can download ClassDojo for free and use it to help create a positive classroom environment. Students will love the rewards and be more likely to engage in learning when they are rewarded for good behavior. However, the system does have some limitations.

There are some suggested class values on the Class Dojo platform, but teachers can create their own. Then, they assign Dojo Points to students based on their positive behavior. The system allows teachers to determine the weight each behavior carries, including demonstrating good teamwork and preparing for class activities. For example, a student who participates in a class discussion earns Dojo Points, while a student who comes prepared for a class meeting loses a Dojo Point.

Teachers can create accounts with Class Dojo using their school email. Afterwards, they can choose which icons and’monsters’ to assign to their students. Students can choose from fun avatars for each character. Teachers can also set up pre-set positive and negative behaviors for students. Teachers can also customize these behaviors by adding notes or uploading images. They can also send messages to parents. Messages from Class Dojo can be sent via email or in-app text messages. The system notifies teachers when parents sign up for their students, making it easy to share information with the parents and peers.

It connects teachers with students and parents

As a teacher, you can easily integrate Class Dojo into your daily teaching practice. It works across many platforms, including iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and any desktop or laptop computer. You can easily navigate between multiple student profiles using the toolkit and ‘Class Story’ sections. You can even print out Class Dojo decorations to display in your classroom. If you’re not sure whether to use Class Dojo for your classroom, read on to discover how it can help you.

The ClassDojo app helps teachers connect with students and parents and enhance communication between them. It includes a teacher’s Toolkit of multiple tools that help build a community among teachers. The tools included in the teacher’s Toolkit include a “think pair share” activity, a timer, and directions. New tools are added regularly based on feedback from teachers. You can use ClassDojo as a classroom management tool and reward system.

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A variety of doctoral dissertations have explored the use of Class Dojo in schools. In one such study, researchers from St. Mary’s College in Maryland tested a third-grade classroom for three weeks and compared behaviors before and after the app was implemented. They found that students were more engaged with classroom activities, and they felt more ownership of classroom behavior. Moreover, their parents were generally more positive about the features of the app than their own.

It provides parents with information about their child’s progress

A teacher can use ClassDojo to share learning activities, share classroom newsletters, and track student submissions. Parents can choose how they want to respond to the information, and can also view their child’s progress over time. ClassDojo has partnered with top US universities to create resources on topics ranging from empathy and social emotional skills to positive thinking and mindfulness. Additionally, parents can collaborate with teachers to create lesson plans and share these resources with parents.

With ClassDojo, parents can see their child’s progress, achievements, and behavior across different classes. Teachers can set point values to show progress by evaluating specific skills and behaviors. Parents can also send private messages to their child’s teacher. Parents are not required to use the app, but it can be a great resource for parents. And, for the parents, ClassDojo offers a free trial so they can see how the tool works.

The Class Story tab on the teacher’s page includes pictures and messages shared by teachers and students. Messages from Class Dojo can be sent to parents as a text message or email. The message has a receipt to show that the parent has read it. Parents can also sign up for notifications from Class Dojo when they notice that their child is missing school. These notifications are particularly helpful for parents of children with allergies.

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