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how to get tokens in car crushers 2

how to get tokens in car crushers 2:

In car crushers 2, there are several ways to get tokens. One of these ways is to sell valuable objects you grind in the game. However, it’s possible to earn tokens by simply grinding cars. However, there are other ways to earn tokens in car crushers 2. Here are a few of them. You can also earn tokens by completing tasks and watching videos. In the game, you can also buy them with real money. Or you can receive them as a gift.

You can also collect tokens by playing video advertisements and taking surveys. These methods are available to all players. However, the catch is that you need administrator or root privileges to complete them. So, if you don’t have those privileges, you’ll have to buy the Gamepass. However, there are some advantages to this method. It is worth noting that it may be a bit risky, so make sure you can spend time to do the necessary research.

Tokens are a vital currency in Car Crushers 2. They are used to upgrade and modify vehicles. They were introduced in Update 21 (16 May 2020) along with Credits. These are essential for progress in the game, because they allow players to unlock new crushers. By acquiring enough Scraps, you can improve your vehicle’s strength, which can increase your score. Credits are also best used to purchase important upgrades.

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