How to Handplant in Skate 3

how to handplant in skate 3

Learning how to handplant in skate 3 is an important part of mastering your skills in the game. Whether you are looking to perform an egg plant, 540 or 720 spin, or even a late flip, this guide will help you achieve your goals. Once you learn how to handplant, you can add more tricks to your skateboarding arsenal. You can also check out our other skateboarding guides to learn more tricks.


One of the most difficult trick in skateboarding games is the cannonball, but you can easily master it with practice. It requires two pushes before you can perform the trick, and you need to crouch down before you jump. This allows you to move at a faster speed, and it also lets you reach the ramp easier. If you know how to perform the trick properly, you can get up to seven points per attempt.

First, you need to enter manual mode and press the left analogue stick to plant your front foot. You should then press the up button on your left analogue stick to launch your skateboard into the air. This will allow you to carry more weight and help you reach higher levels on the leaderboard. Once you have learned how to do the handplant, you can start practicing it with your friends.

720 spin

If you’ve been wondering how to handplant in skate 3, then you’ve come to the right place. This video tutorial will teach you how to perform a 720 rotation. There are many variations of this trick, including the Frontside Gay Twist, the Heelflip 720, and the Varial Gay Twist. You can also use this trick to jump onto the roof of a house.

Late flip

In Skate 3, you can learn how to handplant in a couple of different ways. The first method is to handplant on a vert ramp. In this method, you place your back hand on the coping of the vert ramp. The back hand provides the pivot point for your body rotation. The second method involves handplanting on a medium quarter pipe. You should make sure that you place your back hand on the coping and not on the narrow portion of the roof.

The process of handplanting in Skate 3 is surprisingly simple. But in reality, it may seem intimidating in the game. The video below explains how to perform this gravity-defying trick. To perform it on a rail, you should first ollie onto it. Then, hold the left analog stick down while in the air and then quickly press the handplant button. Once you’re in the air, you should be able to do a handplant. You can also perform it on a ledge by holding the left analog stick and pressing X at the same time.