How to Make a Belegarth Sword

After you have made the core of your blade out of fiberglass, you’ll need to cut out a blue foam camp pad of the same length and width as the blade. Next, you’ll want to attach the blade to the weapon. Lastly, you’ll need to sew on the cover. Follow the steps below to make a belegarth sword. The finished weapon will look like an authentic medieval sword!

Sew a handle

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sew a handle for a belegarth sword, then you’ve come to the right place. This interesting project features many different parts and different types of handles. You can choose from Serger, scab, or foam-padded tips. Then, you can sew the handle onto the sword blade. You can also make it into a book if you’d like.

Sewing a handle on a belegarth is easy to do. The first step is to measure the handle. It should be a bit longer than the blade itself, so you’ll need a wider handle. Then, you’ll need to cut and sew a handle to fit that size. Make sure to cover the padding. If you want to be extra decorative, you can add a piece of braided cord to the handle.

Attach a blade to a weapon

There are many benefits to attaching a blade to a belegarth. For one, it’s a fun project! There are several different parts of this kind of sword, and there are a lot of options for handles. They can be foam padded, scab, or Serger-style. You can choose from a variety of different materials for the handle, and you can even carve a handle into the blade itself.

To create a foam blade, start by measuring the length of the blade you want to create. Next, cut a square of blue foam about the same length and width as the blade. Once you’ve cut the square of blue foam, wrap it around the core and secure it with duct tape. The blade should now be attached to the sword! Repeat this process with the other side of the blade.

You can also attach a guard. The guard will protect the blade against damage when swung at a target. The blade should cover the padding, but it is better to cover all padding with a cloth or metal piece. When you’ve finished, the guard will look better than ever and your blade will be much more durable. The extra guard will provide some extra protection and may even serve as a defensive measure.

Attach a cover

If you want to protect your Belegarth sword, you should use a cover. They are available in a variety of styles and materials. You can find one made of wood, leather, or fabric, which will complement the look of your Belegarth. Just make sure that the material meets safety standards, such as being safe for children. Once the cover is made, you can apply it to your Belegarth sword, and then use it as a protective cover.

The best way to attach a cover to a Belegarth sword is to use a thin piece of fabric and a piece of rope that is about one eighth of an inch wide. Fold the fabric over the rope and sew the two ends together. This will help the fabric stay in place. Once you’ve finished, you can cut a second piece of cloth to use as a drawstring.