How to Make a Ninja Turtle in Little Alchemy

how to make ninja turtle in little alchemy

How to make a ninja turtle in Little Alchemy? Well, the turtle is an element, so you can use it to hone your skills. Let’s get started! First, make sure you have the Turtle element. You can then use it to create new weapons and armor. This will give you a lot of freedom. You can even use the same element on different types of animals.

Keyboard Cat

The Keyboard Cat is one of the most interesting items in Little Alchemy, and is a true internet sensation. It is the first of its kind, and it can only be created by mixing certain elements. In order to create this element, you must first obtain a Cat, which is obtained by mixing Milk with a Wild Animal. You can also obtain Music by mixing Sound and Flute.

The elements that can be combined to create things are water, air, and fire. Fire and water form glass, mud, and stone, while air and water produce life and rain. When combined with sand, you can create plants, mud, and stone. These materials can then be combined to make anything that you can imagine. Air and water will also create a human, and both of those will be able to fly.


A Yeti is one of the nine hidden elements in Little Alchemy. Getting it requires 21 different steps and requires you to craft all the necessary items. There are different combinations of the Yeti element that you can create in the game. The below steps will walk you through the entire process. You can pick up where you left off by selecting Step 1.

Wood – This type of wood comes from trees that have fallen down. Wood is a hard, fibrous substance underneath their bark. Next, you must make a Campfire, which is a bonfire used for cooking and warming. In order to complete the Yeti recipe, you must combine three ingredients that are found in the wilderness. The final ingredient you need to create is a Story. After crafting the Yeti, you need to place him in the Campfire.

Ninja Turtle

If you want to learn how to make a Ninja Turtle in Little Alchemy, you must first know how to combine the various elements. You can use the Turtle element to make various items. After you combine the turtle element with any other element, you will get a Ninja Turtle. It is a useful item in the game that can be combined with other elements to make powerful items. However, you have to be aware of its limitations.

First, you must get a certain number of ingredients. The smallest amount of an ingredient will give you a small quantity. However, if you mix too many ingredients, the item will be a monster. In this case, you have to combine the ingredients in an unorthodox way. You should always remember that you can use the same ingredient combination for several different recipes. This way, you can get different results for every recipe.


In the second edition of the Little Alchemy game, players can craft a katana, a Japanese sword. This weapon is notable for its light weight compared to other swords, single edge, and large grip with space for two hands. Making a Katana element is relatively easy, but it requires seven combinations. In this article, we’ll cover the steps for making the Katana.

The process to make a Katana is quite simple, as a sword is created by fusing the blade with certain elements. Using the ninja habitat and the turtle habitat, you can fuse the blades and get a ninja blade. In addition, you can fuse animals and other habitats with the katana blade element, as well as a ninja weapon. Beaches, forests, and seashores are other suitable areas to fuse the elements.

Katana is created by applying heat to a blade

A Katana is a single-sided curved sword that is used by warriors both past and present. Players can make one by applying heat to a blade, which takes around 10 hours to complete. In Little Alchemy 2, the katana element is a simple to obtain. To make a katana, a researcher must collect seven elements in order to create the element.

The human element is also a big part of this game. Players can create new things by mixing life and earth. Adding these two elements to a blade gives you human, which can then be used to make different types of weapon. You can also create various other elements using human, including ninja weapons. In addition to human, you can use a Katana to create a variety of weapons and other items.

Creating a god

There are several ways to create a god in Little Alchemy. First, you must purchase the Myths & Monsters expansion pack to gain access to the deity creation menu. This pack includes a new element known as immortality, which you need to create a deity. After you have created this element, you will be able to use it to create other items in the game.

Creating a deity is similar to creating an immortal pop star. In Little Alchemy, you can combine life and other elements to create different things. For example, you can combine life with metal to create a robot, or life with earth to create a human. You can also use life to make other objects, such as corpses, rainbows, and dough. After you’ve crafted the essential ingredients, you can combine them to make any item you’d like.