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Josh Towbin Net Worth

Josh Towbin is known for the reality TV show King of Cars, where he has been working since the age of 14. He started by washing cars and then went on to sell them. His hard work and determination paid off. He has built a successful business and is now the owner of thirteen different companies. He is also the star and executive producer of the show. The show has given him a lot of recognition and respect in the industry.

Towbin owns Towbin Automotive Enterprises which includes the dealerships Towbin Dodge Ram, Towbin Kia, and Towbin Alfa Romeo/Fiat. In addition, he has a company that rents out vehicles for short-term and long-term use called Drive Sally. The company is a partner with Kia and has earned the President’s Award multiple times. He is also a celebrity car dealer and has been featured on various shows including Pawn Stars, American Chopper, and more.

He is also a five-time guest on Jimmy Kimmel and The Tonight Show. He has also appeared on the season premiere of Street Customs and Faking It on TLC. He has a passion for cars and loves to help people get in the cars of their dreams. He has helped a lot of people in their financial struggles as well. He has a huge following on social media.

In 2009, Towbin’s father died of a heart attack. He left a legacy that was carried on by his wife Carolynn and daughter Jesika. Together, they have taken the Towbin brand to heights that I am sure he would be proud of.

The family recently added a Ferrari Maserati showroom to the family’s dealership roster. The facility is the largest ultra-luxury and exotic car dealership in Nevada.

A few months ago, it was reported that famed boxer Floyd Mayweather has purchased more than 100 ultra high-end vehicles from Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas. This is a huge achievement for the Towbins.

Despite the tragedy that befell their father, the Towbin women have a strength and resilience in their presence that is undeniable. They have not allowed their personal grief to keep them down and they have worked to achieve the goals set by their late husband and father.

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Their dedication to the automotive business has made them a force to be reckoned with in the industry. They have risen to such high levels that they have earned the respect and acknowledgment from their peers as well as the public. There is no doubt that these two strong and beautiful ladies have lifted the Towbin name to a level that I am certain he would be proud of. The Towbin women are a force to be reckoned with and they continue to make history in their own right. Their story is truly inspirational. I hope to see more success in their future!

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