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Levy Rozman Net Worth – How Much Is Levy Rozman Worth?

Levy Rozman is an American chess player and social media personality who makes content on the platforms Twitch and YouTube. He is an International Master and has earned a large following on his online channels, with millions of followers on each. His educational videos and creative material have inspired and entertained countless players around the world.

He began playing chess during his elementary school years and became a pro quickly. He would spend most of his time practicing the game and competing in tournaments, winning his first at the age of 12. He started creating YouTube videos and gained a following for his entertaining content. He was able to turn his hobby into a full-time career in 2020, something that seemed unfeasible just a year prior.

In addition to his YouTube channel, he also has an active Twitch channel where he streams daily. His live broadcasts have garnered over 206,000 followers and have helped him generate significant income. He has even been able to get sponsors for his broadcasts. His content is very entertaining, making his live streams a popular choice amongst chess players.

His earnings come from his online videos, sponsorships, and donations during live streams. He also sells merchandise, including shirts and posters. He has a Cameo account where people can book him to create personalized or business films. The prices vary, with a personal video costing $100 and a business film costing $5,000.

Levy is a married man who shares his love of chess with his wife. They met for the first time on a date, and although he had an excellent experience, she did not enjoy it. She ultimately ghosted him, but in early 2019, she consented to a second date. They both enjoyed the date and soon started dating. The pair eventually got married after dating for two years.

Levy has a good-looking physique and is of a decent height. He has a clean-cut face and light brown hair. He has a charming smile and attractive eyes. He is also very witty and has an amazing sense of humor.

He was born on December 5, 1995, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York City, and is of Russian descent. He graduated from a local private school and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree at Baruch College. He majored in statistics and quantitative modeling and minored in finance. He later worked as a client service associate for UBS Wealth Management before focusing on his YouTube and Twitch channels full-time.

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He is an International Master, which is the highest ranked title one can achieve in chess. This makes him a top 3% of internationally rated chess players and in the top 1% of US chess players. He was able to achieve this level by competing in tournaments, and then by creating engaging content on his YouTube channel and Twitch stream. He also offers a variety of educational courses on his website.

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