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Moe Howard Net Worth

Moe Howard Net Worth is an American actor and comedian who was the de facto leader of the American vaudeville and comic group The Three Stooges. His real name was Moses Harry Horwitz. His parents were Russian-Jewish immigrants who struggled to make ends meet. Despite having limited schooling, Howard developed an interest in acting and would often skip class to see shows at the local theater. Eventually, he was able to secure his first sort-of job running unpaid errands for Vitagraph Studios in Brooklyn. He was soon offered bit parts as compensation.

Howard continued to try to gain show-business experience, including singing in a bar with his older brother Shemp until their father put a stop to it and later joining a minstrel show troupe on a Mississippi River showboat. Eventually, he was hired by Ted Healy, and the pair formed the comedy duo known as Healy and Howard.

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The duo was a huge success and was soon able to land bigger roles. They appeared in a number of short films, which increased their popularity and brought in more money. Howard later joined Shemp and Larry Fine to form the famous comedy trio The Three Stooges. Over the years, they starred in over 240 television and film titles.

In addition to appearing in numerous movies and TV shows, the Three Stooges also toured the country as part of a live comedy act. They were also well-known for their numerous stage shows. The three actors were inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a star located at 1560 Vine Street in 1983.

Although Moe Howard had a long career, he died at the age of 77 due to lung cancer. He was buried in an outdoor crypt at the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City, California. He is survived by his wife Helen Schonberger and two children, Joan and Paul.

During his lifetime, Howard was involved in several charitable activities and worked on humanitarian projects around the world. He was also a passionate golfer and was named an honorary member of the USGA. In his later years, he became very interested in wine and enjoyed spending time at his estate in Los Angeles.

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Moe Howard kept his personal life private, but there is no doubt he was a womanizer. He was in a relationship with Helen Schonberger for over 25 years and they had two children together, Joan and Paul. He was a heavy smoker and suffered from lung disease, which contributed to his death. In his last days, he was visited by many friends and family members. Moe Howard died on May 4, 1975 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He was buried in an outdoor

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