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Nail Pak Net Worth – What Happened to Nail Pak?

Barbara Lampugnale is the mother of six girls who launched her patented Nail Pak, an all-in-one manicure system with nail polish, pads and remover in a compact package, into a multimillion-dollar business. She appeared on Shark Tank in season 3 and landed a $50,000 deal with Lori Greiner to expand her business.

Greiner saw the potential of Nail Pak, and believed it could be a success on QVC, which she had already successfully launched other products on. She and Lampugnale negotiated a deal where Greiner invested $50,000 for a 40 percent stake in the company, and promised to get the product on the TV shopping channel.

Nail Pak became a hit after its appearance on Shark Tank, and sold well at QVC, online and in stores like Ulta Beauty. However, it seems the popularity of Nail Pak has since declined and it appears the business has closed or been rebranded. The official website for Duality Cosmetics is currently down, and both QVC and Ulta Beauty no longer sell the product. The company’s Facebook page has been trying to sell eager customers that “exciting things are happening with the product” and that it will be back in spring 2015.

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What Happened to Nail Pak?

It is not uncommon for businesses that appear on Shark Tank to see a huge initial boost in sales and exposure, only to then see their sales decline or even go out of business. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including changes in consumer trends and difficulties with manufacturing or distribution. Despite this, it is good to note that most Shark Tank investments do ultimately make it, and the same can be said for the Nail Pak case.

After her appearance on Shark Tank, the business went from strength to strength. The brand’s popularity was so great that they were able to sign a deal with the popular retail company Ulta Beauty. The deal allowed the business to be featured in over 500 stores, which in turn led to a massive increase in sales. It also meant that the business was able to move away from the direct-to-consumer model and focus more on wholesale.

The company has also won a number of awards, which shows just how successful the product is. They have won various epochal prizes from top universities, which is quite an achievement.

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Although it may seem as though Duality Nail Pak is single, he is actually married. He has a beautiful wife that supports him in everything he does and they love each other very much. They are both very happy in their marriage and it is a huge source of pride for them that their business has done so well. The pair have a lot of fun together and love spending time with each other. In addition to that, they are very sociable people and love being around other people. This is a key aspect of their personality that they carry over into their work and into their daily lives.

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