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Phil Wickham Net Worth – How Much Is Phil Wickham Worth?

Phil Wickham is an American Contemporary Christian musician, singer, and songwriter who has released a total of 9 albums. Phil is a popular artist who performs all over the world and has a huge fan following. He is a well-known face in the music industry and his latest single ‘Living Hope’ is trending on all social media platforms. His musical career has lasted for about 20 years and he has earned a good amount of money from his work as a singer.

Philip David Wickham was born in San Diego, California and grew up in a religious household. He began leading worship in his youth group at the age of 13 and his parents encouraged his interest in music. He later learned popular praise songs and began writing his own. In 2003, he began his full-time music career by touring California and recording his debut album, Give You My World.

Throughout his career, Phil has performed at various venues including churches and concerts. He also wrote and recorded several singles that reached number one on the US Billboard charts. He has also won several awards and nominations for his musical work. In the year 2014, he was diagnosed with a vocal cord polyp and was told to avoid singing for a month to allow the spot to heal. However, he was able to overcome this challenge and is back at performing once again.

Phil has been married to Mallory Plotnik since 2008. The couple has four children; Penelope, Mabel, and two other daughters whose names are not known. Despite being very busy with his work, they still make it a point to spend time with their family.

Currently, Phil Wickham is living in the United States with his wife and children. He is also involved in ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship. He leads the music and worship team when he is not traveling for his music career. He has a passion for writing and creating music that will bring glory to God.

He is very active on all social media platforms and has a huge following on Instagram and Facebook. He has posted many photos and videos of his work on these sites. His followers have been growing rapidly and are quite loyal to him. He has also been a part of some reality shows on TV and has won some awards for his work.

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Phil Wickham keeps his personal life private and does not share details about his relationship status. He is in a happy and healthy relationship with his wife and has no plans of getting separated anytime soon. He is not dating anyone else and is completely focused on his work. We will update you as soon as there are any changes in his marital status.

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