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Pooch Selfie Net Worth – How Much is Jason Hernandez Worth?

Pooch Selfie is a smartphone accessory that helps pet owners take better selfies with their pets. The device uses a tennis ball inside to attract the dog’s attention and keep it looking at the camera. Founder Jason Hernandez first developed the concept for the product in 2014 and submitted it to Kickstarter in an attempt to raise money. He ultimately raised $39,897 and was able to get production underway. Hernandez invested $18,000 of his own funds into the project and has no debt, which helped him develop and launch the product.

Hernandez aims to make the Pooch Selfie a household name by leveraging his appearance on Shark Tank. The entrepreneur hopes to attract interest from potential investors and boost sales in order to grow the company. He also plans to continue developing the product and add more accessories to the line-up.

On the show, Hernandez is a bit nervous while pitching his product to the sharks. They advise him to take a deep breath and relax. He then begins to explain how his product works by demonstrating it on his own dog, Logan. He explains that he and his wife love to take pictures of their furry family member, but it was often difficult to get a good picture. The Pooch Selfie solves this problem by using a squeaky tennis ball to hold the dog’s attention while capturing shots on a phone.

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The sharks seem impressed with the device and ask Jason how much it costs to produce each one. He reveals that each one costs just $1.30 to make and that he has generated $380,000 in revenue so far. They also inquire about the price point, to which Jason responds that the Pooch Selfie is currently being sold for $9.99.

After expressing his interest in the company, Daymond John offers to invest $100,000 for 33.3% equity. He reveals that he recently lost his own dog and was heartbroken by the fact that he didn’t have any good pictures of him. The other sharks quickly drop out, leaving Daymond as the only investor left.

Jason Hernandez has a background in mechanical engineering and worked as a mechanical engineer and a sales manager before launching Clever Dog Products LLC in 2016. He used his skills and experiences to develop the Pooch Selfie, which is a smartphone clip that holds a squeaky tennis ball on top of the phone so that it can be grabbed by dogs to look at the camera.

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The device has seen significant success since its debut on Shark Tank, and is available for purchase online and in stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. Hernandez is still working as a full-time electrical salesman, but has been able to grow his business in his spare time. He has plans to increase distribution and add more features to the Pooch Selfie in the future. He has also made it a goal to donate a percentage of proceeds from every sale to animal welfare charities.

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