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Sandra Avila Beltran Net Worth – Drug Queen of the Pacific

Sandra Avila Beltran, also known as ‘Narco Queen of the Pacific’ or ‘La Reina del Sur,’ was one of the most notorious figures in the Mexican drug trade. She is a relative of famous drug kingpins Emilio ‘El Mayo’ Quintero Payan and Rafael Caro Quintero, as well as being the daughter of another well-known drug lord, Alfonso Avila Quintero. She was also a socialite in the drug underworld, having relationships with many powerful men and marrying twice.

Sandra is a native of Baja California, Mexico. She grew up in a household of drug dealers and was introduced to the underworld at an early age. She started out her career by enrolling in journalism classes as a fiery 17-year-old, but three years into her correspondence studies at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, she was kidnapped by an envious beau. The man was a powerful young fellow close-enough to the drug cartels and within months, she had left town, putting a stop to her expectations of a profession as an insightful journalist.

It took four years and 30 federal officers to finally shut in on her and she was captured, alongside Juan Diego Espinoza Ramrez, in September 2007. At the time of her capture, authorities believed Avila controlled vast sums of illicit wealth from both the Mexican Sinaloa cartel and Colombia’s Norte del Valle cartel. She is also active on social media platforms.

Avila was charged with a host of felonies including drug trafficking and money laundering. Some of these charges were dropped in mid-2011, but she was still convicted of cocaine ownership and dealing and jailed in Florida. She was released in February 2015 and has recently surfaced to sue both Netflix and Telemundo for releasing a TV series that is loosely based on her life.

Her lawyers are fighting to regain control of her 15 homes, 30 cars, and 300 jewels. She is also in a battle to keep her name, image and voice out of the public domain as she struggles with depression.

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While in prison, she reportedly continued to lead a lavish lifestyle and even allowed maids to serve her food and alcohol. Currently, her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Sandra Avila Beltran was born on October 16, 1960 in Mexico and is 62 years old. Her sun sign is Libra and she has a number of tattoos on her body. She has a beautiful smile and is quite tall with dark brown hair and green eyes. She has a slim figure with a healthy weight of 110 pounds. She is a good cook and loves to party. She is a huge fan of sports and has an impressive collection of luxury watches. Her parents are deceased and she has no children. Her partner is a former drug dealer and a friend of hers. She enjoys traveling to new places and loves spending time with friends. She is also a talented singer and a dancer. She is quite a talented and successful woman.

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