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Sarah Bowmar Net Worth

Sarah bowmar net worth is an entrepreneur, fitness model, Instagram star, and social media personality. She is also a certified personal trainer and seasoned nutritionist. She has gathered millions of followers on her Instagram account. She has built her career on her passion for fitness.

Sarah Bowmar was born on February 11, 1989, in South Bend, Indiana. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She attended Indiana University in Bloomington where she studied marketing. After graduating, she began working as a digital marketer. Later, she decided to pursue her passion for fitness and started participating in national-level fitness competitions.

In 2014, she met Josh Bowmar at a bodybuilding competition. The two hit it off and started dating. After a while, they decided to start their own business together. They launched a fitness brand called Bowmar Fitness and started posting workout videos on YouTube.

The company has since grown to include several other products and services, including a subscription service, nutrition coaching, and clothing. In addition, the couple has a podcast and blog where they share their fitness tips and stories. They also have a nutrition consulting business and sell protein supplements through their website, Bowmar Nutrition.

Sarah and Josh Bowmar have a large following on social media for their hunting videos. However, the couple was recently in trouble for posting a video of Josh brutally killing a bear in Canada. Despite having a large audience, the pair was criticized for their joyous reaction to the kill and for not using a snare. The couple was forced to cancel their endorsement deal with Under Armour after the incident.

Besides their online businesses, the Bowmars are also avid hunters. They travel the world and hunt big game with a bow and arrow. They even have a dedicated YouTube channel, Bowmar Bowhunting, which has more than 7 million views. The couple also owns a supplement and hunting equipment company called Bowmar Nutrition.

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The Bowmars have a lot on their plate, and they work hard to balance it all. Besides their fitness and hunting businesses, they have an apparel line and host a podcast. Sarah is a nutrition coach, ISSA-certified fitness trainer, and an AFPA-certified prenatal and postpartum trainer. She and Josh are co-owners of Brack and Pine jewelry, Bowmar Nutrition, and Bowmar Fitness. They are also co-hosts of the Zero to a Million podcast and contribute recipes to the Bowmar Nutrition blog.

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