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Steve Glew Net Worth – How Much is Steve Glew Worth?

Steve Glew is a small-town Michigan man who turned his passion for collecting Pez dispensers into a lucrative smuggling business. He is best known for illegally bringing rare Pez dispensers from Eastern Europe into the United States and selling them on the black market. He has made over $4.5 million in 11 years. His story was featured on a new documentary called The Pez Outlaw that debuted on Netflix on January 19th.

Steve Glew was born in the 1950s in DeWitt, Michigan and raised in a poverty-stricken household with few resources or opportunities for advancement. His family struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for many years, but he managed to carve out a modest existence for himself by working as a machine operator in the 1990s. He also started a side hustle by collecting rare Pez dispensers and selling them to collectors at local exhibitions. In his early adulthood, he struggled with substance abuse and rife with debt, but he eventually found himself on the path to financial stability.

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In his quest to secure a better life for himself and his wife, Glew decided to turn his hobby into a profitable venture by buying and selling rare Pez dispensers in the US. He started his enterprise by purchasing a shipment of rare dispensers from a warehouse in Eastern Europe and then smuggling them into the country, where he would sell them to collectors for a profit. Over time, he amassed thousands of rare Pez dispensers, including factory rejects and new prototypes.

As a result of his success in the PEZ business, Glew was able to buy a house and a farm in the Midwest and also afford to spend some money on charity work. He is currently in a long-term relationship with his wife and is the father of two children.

Glew has been featured on a number of different media platforms since the premiere of The Pez Outlaw, which he credits for helping him boost his income. He has also developed a line of new PEZ dispensers with character heads based on his alter ego, The Pez Outlaw. He also claims to be in the process of negotiating a book deal.

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As of 2023, Steve Glew net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. His income sources include a steady salary as a machine operator, the rights to his story as told in The Pez Outlaw documentary, the sales of his new dispensers, and royalties from the documentary. He also has a 20-acre farm in the Midwest and a trademark for his brand name, The Pez Outlaw. In addition to this, he has also raised the prices of his new dispensers following the documentary’s release. This has helped him increase his revenue and may help him pay off his debts in the future.

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