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Tony Blevins Net Worth

The American tech executive, who is also a popular video game player, known as Ninja, has a net worth of several million dollars. He is currently the Vice President of procurement in a multinational technology company. However, he was fired from a high-ranking position after a viral TikTok video showed him joking about fondling big-breasted women for a living. The remark made him lose his job at a company that valued diversity and inclusion.

Blevins began his career with Apple in 2000, starting as a procurement clerk and purchasing ordinary everyday items for the company like toilet paper. Over the years, he helped procure groundbreaking technologies for Apple and assisted the company in outperforming its competitors. He was known for haggling with suppliers and negotiating significant discounts on various important parts that go into the company’s mobile devices.

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He became a VP of procurement at Apple, which is considered to be a highly prestigious and influential post. In the role, he is responsible for keeping the prices of computer parts low, allowing the company to manufacture its products at lower cost. Tripp Mickle of the Wall Street Journal wrote in 2020 that Apple’s executives considered Blevins to be “a master at cost-cutting.”

According to insiders, he had a reputation for being friendly when asking for favors and calculating when pushing for lower prices. He was able to convince a number of key suppliers to cut the prices that they charge for their products, including cellular modem chips from Qualcomm Inc., which has a huge market share in the field.

Until the controversy involving his crude remarks on TikTok, he was an effective leader at the company. He was a trusted source of information and guidance for the company’s senior executives, including CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams. He was also a key part of the management team that oversees the company’s supply chain and is responsible for its growth.

His departure leaves a void at the company, especially since it’s not clear who will replace him. According to the sources, he has left behind a tremendous amount of knowledge about the company’s supplier relationships and how they affect its bottom line. He’s also well-known for his negotiating skills and will be difficult to replace.

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His salary at Apple was around $244,000 each year, but he likely earned a lot more in bonuses, stock, commissions and profit sharing each year. He is believed to have a total annual income of at least $584,000. Based on his 22 years at the company and his probable high income before becoming a VP, he is thought to be worth a few million dollars. It is unclear how he will spend his money. He has a wife and is an avid gamer. He has a huge following on social media and regularly streams his gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. He has over 2,000,000 followers on YouTube alone.

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